You probably thinking, why do I need to have an online presence if my business is doing fine? Yes, I’ve had some slow months and some great months. You probably asked yourself, what are my options for increasing sales, getting my name out and truly understanding what my customer wants? 


The answer is “A well structured social media strategy” 

Why is social media so important? 

Let’s look at some of the local (SA) statistics.

[Source: World Wide Worx- Market research company]


16 Million, that’s around 29% of the total population use Facebook. 

Facebook has officially become a rival to radio and TV Ads.


8 Million people are using Twitter. 

You might be shocked with this result and trust me when I say, “So am I” but let’s not forget that Twitter is a place for news, debates and voicing your opinion in our politically driven environment.


6.1 million people are on LinkedIn.

You might be asking yourself, what and why? While some people think that LinkedIn is only used for those seeking jobs, over the years there’s been a rise in entrepreneurs and small businesses using LinkedIn to network with like-minded professionals. These days people can connect and even peruse leads that eventually convert to sales once they’ve managed to take it offline (via email, calls and meetings).


Let’s talk about the rising stars


3.8 million people are on Instagram and 8.74 Million are using YouTube.

Even though Instagram is not right at the top, it is the fastest growing platform in the industry, but has slowed down mainly because it chows your data. YouTube has seen a rise of 68% in growth. 


How people access social media is as important as the content you provide.

Your customers can only access social media in 3 ways, namely: 

– Mobile phones

– Tabs / Tablet 

– Desktop/PC/Laptop. 


It’s important to note that social media has 3 major benefits from a marketing perspective. 

1- Creating brand awareness

2- Customer insights

3- Generating sales 


Why do businesses advertise on Social media? 


Now you know the benefits of social media, but you still wondering, “Where do I start? Anyone can start a Facebook or Instagram page. 

In our next blog, we will discuss how to build a social media plan. In this day and age content is king, but your content needs to be relevant and relatable for people to take an interest in your brand. 


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