Let’s not forget the best part of digital marketing is that you are reaching clients that are already searching for a product or service you might have to offer. If it entices their needs, it will most likely lead to a sale.

Like any plan, the first order of importance is to define your objectives.

Those objectives might be?

When speaking about terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click), It’s always important to remember the golden rule and that’s “Relevance”

Why is Relevance so Important?

Google’s search engine algorithm is based on how relevant your content is, in comparison to what people are searching for. So If you want a higher ranking on your website or if you want your Ads to display, the content on your website needs to be relevant to what someone is searching for on Google.

How are you displaying yourself in the digital realm?

In the physical world customers can see, touch, smell and sometimes hear your brand.

Whereas the digital customer experience is based on the

  • See,
  • Think,
  • Do &
  • Care

 The ultimate goal is to get your customers to care. Customers care by buying something from you, talking to family and friends about you and posting it to social media as brand ambassadors.

 Map out your customer journey!

  • Think about your customers and put yourself in their shoes?
  • Which channels do they use most?
  • How do you engage differently with them in the online and offline space?
  • What are you telling them at every step of their journey?
  • How are you getting them to care?

 How does implementing a digital marketing plan reward you?

  • You are making yourself visible to customers (Social media and website)
  • You can target your ads to local customers.
  • It’s easy to communicate with customers.
  • You gain more insights into customer’s online behavior through online Marketing tools like Google analytics.

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