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Selim Kagee


From the time I was about 8 years old I loved brands, especially sports brands because of my obsession with tennis shoes! In those early years, I would redraw all the famous logo’s by hand (Nike, Converse, Adidas, Reebok) and even created my own ficticious logo’s)

On Sunday mornings I would tag along to my dad’s wholesale business and work behind the cigarette counter dishing out boxes of cigarettes to traders. Again here I was immersed in a very tactile way to the well developed, embossed logo’s of all the cigarette brands. My teenage years were spent playing tennis and expressing myself through painting and drawing, which naturally let to me to study graphic design.

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After gaining invaluable experience of working in both large and smaller boutique design studio’s, I took the brave decision to start my own company and formed Signature Design in 2005. After working from home for a few years, I decided to move the business to a beautiful open plan studio space in Bergvliet Main Road to grow my business.

My other passion that evolved over the years, though at a later stage was that of creating music. After training as a classical singer for over 10 years, performing in many large scale musical productions, I was fortunate to sign a record deal with EMI Music and released my debut album in 2012. I then built my own orchestra show and continue to perform both locally and abroad. I am fortunate to be able to manage both my artistic endeavours with the help of a strong committed team around me.

My experience in branding and design together with my entertainment experience has helped me understand how audiences relate and engage with brands.Through my journey of music and design, I was able to form strong relationships between clients that I’ve worked with in both capacities of performer and designer, such as the Baxter Theatre, Artscape, Absa, and SA Rugby.

I love to shift the emotion of an audience through either design or performance.

Selim Kagee

Darren Damon

Marketing and Production


Signature Design’s portfolio, and in particular, their body of work for the Baxter Theatre Centre, is testament to the high quality, creative capabilities of their design. Their understanding and respect for demanding deadlines, plus dealing with input from world-renowned theatre directors and sometimes even well known actors, as well as their commitment for delivery, furthermore, is proof that Signature Design is top class in every aspect of design and business ethic.

Fahiem Stellenboom, Marketing Manager, The Baxter Theatre


Creatively crisp execution of all requests. Innovative printing solutions and excellence in time management. Value adding experience every time

Eloise Wiehman, Group Marketing and Communication, Absa


It is not often that one comes across a company that always offers excellent service. One such company is Signature Design. The level of professionalism and attention to detail is of the highest standard from the initial idea to the final design. Over the past 3 years I have continued to receive service of the highest standard. Signature Design is instrumental in ensuring that Concargo and associated companies’ advertising and brand building remain “fresh”, modern and effective. I have also relied on them to sort out emergency situations, this they have done quickly and efficiently. I strongly recommend the Signature Design team. 

Dean Page, Chief Operating Officer, Concargo


The Fugard Theatre is proud of their association with Signature Design. As the Fugard Theatre is focused on the critical development and placement of our relatively new brand – the professional, efficient and enthusiastic support from a world class design house is imperative. 

Management Team, The Fugard Theatre 


“It is with great pleasure I highly recommend Selim Kagee and the Signature Design team. They were a fundamental part of the team and handled our every request with ease – nothing was too big or too small. The final product always turned out great! Darren, Jason and Sipe provided quality service, including but not limited to completing the work on time and within budget. They are a pleasure to work with, communicative and most importantly, always available. The experience and end result exceeded all expectations, and I recommend Signature Design without hesitation.”

Megan Jooste, Marketing Manager CHOICE CLOTHING


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